Ernest L. Marcus
Ernest L. Marcus

Mr. Marcus has a 35-year history of real estate development, investment, appraisal, and advisory experience in the Washington, D.C. area, including redevelopment and new construction of multi-family, retail, mixed-use, industrial and office properties. Mr. Marcus established Marcus Asset Group in 1991 and, with partners, was an early investor and developer in emerging areas such as Columbia Heights in the District of Columbia. Typical investments involved some level of rehabilitation and engaged management of the assets. Public-private ventures were also pursued with partners, including DC Government and WMATA owned parcels.

Mr. Marcus is a Certified General Appraiser and Real Estate Consultant and has appraised numerous complex multi-family, mixed-use, commercial and industrial projects over the past 22 years with a particular focus on emerging neighborhoods. Appraisal assignments allow the analyst to study geographic areas and project concepts that are in areas that are outside of the normal areas of knowledge of investors/developers whose focus is on their prior or current areas of investment. Such exposure allows for observing early signs of trends, including the direction of municipal activities in planning, zoning and economic development.

Mr. Marcus has a Finance degree from George Washington University and an MBA in Real Estate & Urban Development from American University. The academic and work background provides a strong foundation for identifying and analyzing trends in the marketplace, a key requirement for meeting the goals of the Fund.