Recent Projects

Piney Branch, NW and 2nd Street, NE- Affordable Housing, Tax Credits

Affordable Housing

Project Information:

Piney Branch Apartments  – Piney Branch Road, NW

·         Part of 2nd LIHTC pool.  

DDiDistrict of Columbia (DHCD) acquisition funding in 2011,

9% Tax Credit in 2012. Building completed and tenants returned in 2015.

OneOne of several buildings in the 2nd LIHTC pool. 

MilMilestone Apartments - 2nd Street N.E.

·         Part of 2nd LIHTC Pool; 13 buildings, 52 total units.

·        Acquired by tenants in 2005 with District of Columbia (DHCD) acquisition funding. Project languished for seven years. BP began work with coop in early 2012 resulting in successful application for 9% Tax Credit in mid-2012. Building completed and tenants returned in 2015.

·         BP acted as co-developer and tenant consultant.